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Lengo la Umoja wetu ni kuendeleza na kudumisha umoja wa kitaifa, ambao ndio msingi wa upendo na amani katika taifa letu.



Welcome Statement

On behalf of the Tanzanian Community Organization, I would like to welcome you to our website. Your decision to visit us on the website, makes you a very distinguished visitor.

This website has been developed to enable us to first, inform our visitors about the objectives and benefits of our organization. Second, we want to share with you some constructive ideas about our community services and upcoming events as well as news from Tanzania. Third, we want to make it easier for potential members to access membership information, including the application process to join the organization. Fourth, visitors can read our constitution on the website in English and Swahili before joining the organization to see what we stand for and whether they can benefit from their membership.

We are proud to tell our noble visitors that having been in existence for some 20 years, Tanzania Community Organization is one of the oldest Tanzanian organizations in the United States. To say the least, we are profoundly proud of that and more importantly we are proud of what we stand for.

In conclusion, I want to profusely thank you for visiting us on this website. Asante sana and God bless Tanzania and its people.

Dr. Mathias Kaaya, Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors




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