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Lengo la Umoja wetu ni kuendeleza na kudumisha umoja wa kitaifa, ambao ndio msingi wa upendo na amani katika taifa letu.



Executive Committee

Board of Directors

  •   Dr. Mathias Kaaya, Chairman

  •   Mr. Ebenezer Mcharo, Vice Chairman

  •   Ms. Lucy Geay, Secretary

  •   Mr. Hamza MrishoAssistant Secretary

  •   Mrs. Asha Madoshi, Treasurer



  •      Dr. Mathias Kaaya

  •      Mr. Ebenezer Mcharo

  •      Mrs. Asha Madoshi

  •      Ms. Lucy Geay

  •      Mr. Hamza Mrisho

  •      Mr. Erick Byorwango


  •      Dr. Mumba Tarmo Masare

  •      Mrs. Mary Madoshi

  •     Mr. Sayuni Malle

  •     Ms. Jamila Lameck Okambo


  •  Executive Committee is the top organization's leadership body responsible for running the overall day-to-day activities of the organization.

  •  Education and Cultural Activities Committee is primarily responsible for planning and coordinating educational and cultural programs and activities for the children.

  •  Social Activities Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating various social activities including fund raising events.

  •  Conflict Resolution Committee responds to requests and mediates conflicts between organization members or members of a family within the organization.

  •  Public Relations Committee deals and oversees communication activities with the public at large and other community organizations.



Dr. Mathias Kaaya, Chairman of the Organization and Member of the Board of Directors, has been a member of the Tanzanian Community Organization since 1996. He has been a dedicated member of the organization and served on the committee that initially explored ways and methods of registering TCO as a non-profit organization. In March 2005, he was unanimously elected to serve as the first Chairman of the Public Relations Committee. Dr. Kaaya earned his doctoral degree from the University of San Francisco, an M.S. in Pure Mathematics from California State University at Hayward, an M.A. from San Francisco State University, and a B.A. in Mathematics and Physics from San Jose State University. Dr. Kaaya is known for exercising caution in his approach to matters of extreme importance, a wonderful and necessary diplomatic skill. It indeed could not be more appropriate for an individual trusted by his fellow members to run a Public Relations Committee for many years. During the just concluded membership meeting in March, 2013, Dr. Kaaya was elected Vice Chairman of TCO. The organization is appreciative of his all-around leadership of our organization.



Mrs. Asha Madoshi, Treasurer of the Organization Asha Madoshi was elected Treasurer in 2002. She is known for her meticulousness, especially, when it comes to financial matters. She does an impeccable job.  Asha is also a masterful organizer and, oh, did I mention that she is a skilled decorator for any imaginable occasion? She is indeed multitalented.  The combination of these talents paired with her background as a banker, makes the organization feel very lucky and grateful to have her as its treasurer.





Dr. Mumba Tarmo Masare,
Chairman of the Conflict Resolution Committee, joined the Tanzanian Community Organization in September, 1996. He served as the first Chairman of the Cultural and Educational Committee. He is currently the Chairman of the Conflict Resolution Committee and also a member of Board of Directors.
Dr. Masare teaches at Skyline College as the Professor of Political Science and International Relations. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Economy at University of California at Berkeley in 1978.

Dr. Mumba T. Masare is also a published author.
Two of his published papers appear in the following two books about African Politics.
1. African Politics in Congo-Kinshasa from Primary Resistance to Independence:
    As Chapter 10 of:  Aspects of Central African History.
    Edited by Professor Terence Ranger. Northwestern University Press, 1968.

2. Background to the Revolution in Zanzibar: As Chapter 9 of: A History of Tanzania. Edited by Professors: Isaria Kimambo and Arnold Temu. East African Publishing House, 1969.
3. Academically, Dr. Masare has always combined the disciplines of Political Science and
Economics.  At Lovanium University, near Kinshasa in the Congo, he majored in both Political Science and Economics and had a minor in Philosophy and Comparative Religious Systems.
For his B.Sc. degree dissertation in Economics he wrote on:
Economic Planning in the Developing Countries.
And for his Licentiate degree dissertation in Political Science and Public Administration, he wrote on:
The O.A.U. and the Liberation and Unity of Africa.
When he came to UC Berkeley he also pursued studies in Economics and Political Science.
His M.A. dissertation in Political Economy is titled:
Industrialization, Culture and Incentives in Russia, China and Cuba:
A Comparative Analysis.
And for his Ph.D.  Dissertation at UC Berkeley, he focused on the post colonial political economy of his own country -- Tanzania, he wrote on:
Socialist Ideology and Practice in Tanzania:
TANU Government Efforts to Control the National Economy: 1967-1976.

4.  In his professional career, Dr. Masare has taught at several Bay Area universities and colleges including: San Francisco State University, East Bay State University, San Jose State University, City College of San Francisco, Merritt College in Oakland, De Anza College in Cupertino and Skyline College in San Bruno.






Ms. Lucy Geay,
Member of TCO's Board of Directors, Lucy Geay is a graduate of the University of Dar es alaam in Tanzania. She holds a B.A. degree with education – Linguistics major.  Lucy, has been a dedicated member of Tanzania Community Organization since January, 2015. She is an excellent team worker and she is passionate in whatever she decides to do. As a result of her studies in Linguistics, she has effective communications skills.  Recently, she was elected secretary of the organization, a position where her writing skills will be very useful. In the past, she has held similar positions in other organizations, and thus gaining some necessary experience. The Board of Directors is fortunate to have a person endowed with her skills.






Mr. Erick Byorwango,
Chairman of Social and Fundraising Committee and Member of the Board of Directors. He became a member of the Organization in 2000. He was elected Secretary of TCO in 2002, the position he held until March 2005. Following the Amendment to the by-laws that established the position of assistant secretary, he was elected to the new position. Erick is a dedicated, hardworking individual. His quick thinking and self-starting approach has been very beneficial to the organization in the sense of excellence in task execution. It is also fitting to mention that one of his most important attributes is his ability to think critically. No wonder that during the general election in March 2009, members of TCO unanimously elected him back to the position of Secretary of the Organization. During the just concluded election in 2013, Mr. Byorwango was elected chairman of the Social Activities Committee. We are thankful to him for his leadership, dedication, and innumerable contribution to TCO.





Mrs. Mary Modshi,
Member of TCO's Board of Directors, who has been a member of TCO since 2002. Prior to being elected to her current postion as a Board member this year, 2013, Mary had served in different capacities and volunteered to do a lot of things for our organization, including serving on the Social Activities Committee since 2006 to the present. Mrs. Madoshi has worked diligently to promote the aims of TCO and the organization itself. She is always resolute but with a distinctive ability to compromise. While that may sound paradoxical, it is one of her major sources of strenght as a leader. Futhermore, because of her disciplibne and inclination to refrain from excuses, Mrs. Madoshi has won the admiration and trust of members of our organization that have awarded her a position in the upper echelon of tCO's leadership. The organization is very appreciative of her willingness to serve, and for the various contributions that she has made to our organization over the years.






Mr. Sayuni Malle,
has been a member of the Tanzania Community Organization since 2003. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania and his single subject teaching   credential in Mathematics from California State University at Hayward. Mr. Malle is known for listening attentively to details prior making any decisions or giving advice to matters of extreme importance. As a result of his background in quantitative and scientific training, Sayuni has an excellent analytical mind which helps him see the bigger picture when solving any problem that is being discussed in a group.

Our board of directors is fortunate to have him among the other esteemed members of the board who come from different backgrounds and the differences in backgrounds make us a unique board of directors. The entire organization unanimously welcomes Sayuni to its board of directors.







Ms. Jamila Lameck Okambo


Former Organization Leaders:



MwesigwaThe late Mr. Mwesigwa Blandesi, Former Chairman of the Organization and the Board of Directors, was one of Tanzanian Community  Organization’s founding members. He was elected Chairman of the Organization right when it was founded, and then lead a team of selected members that drafted its bylaws. He has guided the organization since it was founded in 1995 to the present day. Upon the formation of the organization’s Board of Directors, he was also elected Chairman of the Board. His focus has been on building the organization by attracting new members and retaining existing ones, by consistently defining and promoting the organization’s core aims. He passed away 26/5/2014.





The late Mrs. Christine N. Chach,  Former Member of the Board of Directors, joined the organization in 1996. Right from the outset, she became an active member, as well as an asset. Because of multiple talents that she is gifted with, Christine has made enormous contributions to our organization that are hard to enumerate. We can, nevertheless, attempt to mention a few. With a background in the field of law, she was instrumental in putting our organization's by-laws into the perspective of the required legal wording. She also has workded on many other projects of our organzation. She was a memeber of the Social Activities Committee, which she served with distinction. Christine continues to serve as a devoted member of the Confilict Resolution Committee until her final days. She passed away March 31, 2012. Our community misses her every day.



Miss. Jenes Kikalugaa, Former Member of the Executive Committee, is a founding member of the Tanzanian Community Organization, since it was founded in 1995. She was the first Organization’s Treasurer whose contribution in setting and shaping up of its monetary policy and system helped to a great extent, the success of the organization in general. She served in that capacity until 2001. Upon living the position of Organization Treasurer, Jenes continued to serve the Organization as a devoted member of the Social Activities Committee. TCO is forever appreciative of her continuous service and contribution in so many uncountable ways.





Mr. Mbakileki Mutahaba, Former Member of Board of Directors, joined the Tanzanian Community Organization in 1995. He has, since that time, devoted a big part of his life to the organization. He served as Secretary of the Organization from1996 to 2002. During that period, he worked tirelessly to help in the effort of building the organization. As it turned out, that was the beginning of his mission, because upon leaving the post of Organization Secretary, he assumed other equally important responsibilities. Just to mention the most obvious, he served as Secretary of the Social Activities Committee, which he currently chairs. He also serves as a member and Secretary of the Educational and Cultural Committee, in addition to being a member of the organization's Board of Directors. Mbaki (as he is famously nicknamed) is a deep thinker, indeed, a visionary. His unfathomable contribution to the organization has played big role in the organization's good health.




Dr. Ezra Chacha, Former Vice Chairman of the Organization, was one of the organization members charged with the responsibility of drafting the organization’s bylaws. He was subsequently elected Vice Chairman of the organization in 1996, the position he still holds today. Dr. Chacha who is also a member of the Board of Directors, has worked tirelessly for years, to see to it that everything that the organization stands for will never be compromised.








Mr. Domician Mbeikya, Former Secretary of the Organization, joined the organization in 2004. He immediately became a member of the Newsletter group, a sub-committee of the organization’s Educational and Cultural Committee. Besides his membership on the sub-committee, Domician continued to actively participate in many other activities of the organization. Taking note of his unreserved service to the organization, members elected him Secretary of TCO in March 2005. As Secretary the organization, he automatically became a member of the organization’s Executive Committee. Domician is an independent thinker who is also adept in incorporating the ideas of others when making decisions, the attributes that are characteristic of a good leader that he is.



Mrs. Lydia H. Mutahaba,
Former Member of Board of Directors, joined the Tanzanian Patriotic Organization in 2001.
At the  time she joined the organization, she resided in Los Angeles, more than 400 hundred miles away from TCO's headquarters and center of activities. The distance did not, however, affect her energy and commitment to the organization, for she attended all the required meetings and participated in various activities of the organization-a testimony to her dedication. In 2002, Lydia was elected member of the organization's Social Activities Committee, on which she currently still serves. Moreover, she is an esteemed former member of the organization's Board of Directors.




KimaroMr. Victor P. Kimaro, Former Vice Chairman of the Organization, was elected to the vice chairmanship in March 2009 and continues to serve in that capacity. He is also a member of TCO’s Board of Directors. He has been a member of the Tanzanian Community Organization since June 2007. Victor, as we fondly tend to call him, is a brilliant thinker who always looks for solutions from within himself first before venturing outside. This probably should not come as a surprise, for Victor is professionally a certified computer and Information Technology engineer – a solution and creativity profession. Mr. Kimaro, holds a Bachelor of Science degree from San Francisco State University, is also interested in engaging the youths in the Tanzanian community towards the fields of Science and Technology. Mr. Kimaro’s calm mannerism engenders his high discipline, a necessary ingredient for leadership. Members of TCO are grateful to have him as a member and a leader.




Mrs. Angela Kavugha Ayo, Former member of the Board of Directors, joined the Tanzanian Community Organization in 1997. In 2002, she was elected Chairperson of the Activities Committee that she guided until 2003. Angela’s seamless devotion to the service of the organization being so obvious to the members, they elected her to the Board of Directors in 2003 where she continues to serve. In March 2005, Angela served as chairperson of the Education and Cultural Committee. She has earned so much trust of her fellow members, and the organization as a whole is mightily proud of her devotion and contribution to the growth and prosperity of the organization.





Mrs. Romana Mbise, Former member of TCO’s Board of Directors, has been a member of this body since 2010. Romana, who is extraordinarily principled, has served our organization in various capacities since she became a member of TCO in 2007. Her leadership omnipresence did not happen by fluke or by somebody’s grace; it is the outcome of her confidence and ability to decipher available information and produce tangible ideas. The aforementioned and other innumerable attributes that include independent thinking, make her a well of ideas that have incalculably contributed to our organization's success. We can’t be more proud of and very thankful for her leadership. And I feel compelled to say she is good-natured, because she is.





hamisi-wariobaMr. Hamisi S. Warioba,  Former member of the Board of Directors, joined the Organization in September 1997 is often referred to as a comedian by members, because of his wit and benign jokes. He is a very thoughtful individual, so thoughtful that even his jokes are, for the most part, penetrated by his thoughtfulness. Hamisi is also gifted with an extraordinary attentive ability that obviously serves him well, when it comes to solving problems. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Mr. Warioba is a man of few words, but who very much believes in compromise. In March 2007, his fellow TCO members came to the conclusion that the organization needed his leadership, and thus elected him Vice Chairman of the organization. During the general election held in March 2009, he elected to not run for the position of Vice Chairman of the Organization, so that he could devote most of his time to effectively serve on the Social Activities Committee. We all feel fortunate to have this accomplished engineer as a member of our organization’s leadership team



Mrs. Regina Lyimo, Former member of the Board of Directors


Mrs. Stella Byorwango
, Former member of Board of Directors is one of the original members who founded Tanzania Community Organization (TCO) in 1995 and as founding member, she is highly dedicated and committed  to the organization. She wants to see TCO grow and succeed to a point where it will include most Tanzanians in Northern California. Because of her nurturing and positive attitude towards TCO, in March, 2015, she was unanimously elected to be on the Board of Directors as well the secretary of the Resolution and Conflict Committee. The organization is fortunate and appreciates having her as a member for the past 20 years.  Hongera Stella! We need more people like you in our organization.






Mr. Emmanuel Mbise, Former member of Board of Directors, is a very unique individual in a lot of ways, most of which we will not be able to point out. We will, however, give you the perspective that will enable you to discover yourself his uniqueness. Emmanuel, as we sometimes casually call him, commands respect from people of all ages. He is a mild mannered intellectual who appears, and in fact, is reserved, yet sociable. What a combination of attractive attributes! Mr. Mbise is analytical and an extremely well reasoning person. His analytical skills are well founded, when you consider the fact that he is an Electrical Engineer, with a Bachelor of Science in that field. It is very difficult if not impossible to get him to raise his voice. Obviously the esteemed members of our Organization took notice of that trait along with a score of others, when they elected him Secretary of TCO, one year after becoming its member. Mr. Mbise joined TCO in July 2006, and was overwhelmingly elected TCO’s Secretary in March 2007. The Organization felt fortunate to have him as its Secretary, because of the level of his discipline, focus, dedication, and determination, the combination of which is a prescription for TCO’s success. The year 2009 is one of the busiest in Mr. Mbise's life. However, he was gracious enough to continue serving our organization in a lesser capacity as Assistant Secretary of the Organization, than simply declaring himself too busy to serve. That is such an inspiring devotion that each of us is very proud of.


History ~ Mission Statement ~ Tamko La Lengo La Umoja ~ Benefits Outside Bylaws ~ How Does One Become a Member?



Tanzanian Community Organization was established on June 25, 1995, then known as Tanzanian Patriotic Organization, (also known as Umoja wa Kizalendo in Kiswahili), and was officially launched on July 1, 1995. The organization officially modified its name from TPO to TCO on October 17, 2005. Our organization comprised only ten original members at its inception, and continued to acquire new members at a relatively slow but steady pace. The slowness in the growth of membership could mainly and accurately be attributed to four main factors. First, the population of Tanzanians in the Bay Area and vicinity was small. Second, as small as the population was, many people did not know each other as much as they probably should have, and the generation gap contributed to some
extent to this phenomenon. Third, many people were wary of the idea of having such an organization, because as they expressed their apprehensive views, ideas and attempts to establish such organizations in the past had failed and some of them miserably going back to more than twenty years. Some even, at pointblank, wanted to know for sure this was not a pyramid scheme because of its financial obligation for members – $10.00 monthly fees. Forth, because of the lack of an organization for Tanzanians in the area, some Tanzanians had joined organizations of other African communities, and were afraid if this did not work they would lose their benefits in those organizations. But to everybody’s credit, their patriotic spirit empowered them to overcome the apprehension and joined this organization.

As everybody probably knows, an idea does not begin and materialize at the same time. The idea to form TCO was not an exception to this rule. Back in 1992, there was a tragic loss of one of our countrymen. In tandem with the mourning for that tragedy, it was a struggle to raise funds to ship our brother’s body back home in Tanzania. The struggle was exacerbated by the fact that, as I mentioned earlier, few Tanzanians knew each other. It was at this particular moment in time, when Dr. Johannes M. Tarmo Masare proposed the idea of making a list of Tanzanians living in the Bay Area – Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Vallejo, and adjacent areas. This, he observed, would give us leverage in communication. Professor Masare did not only make a proposal to list the names of Tanzanians, but he subsequently took an initiative to work on the list. Good ideas usually work. Three years later, that list came in handy when we initiated the effort to establish the Tanzanian Community Organization. We are ever so grateful to Dr. Masare for his initial effort and vision.

Most people that have in the past or are currently involved in organizing, know how difficult the task of establishing and running the organization is. So, in order to have a well founded and stable organization, we all agreed that we needed a sound and biding Constitution for our organization. The organization’s chairman was asked to prepare the original framework of the bylaws upon which the select bylaws committee would work and produce a complete document. Following in time, the bylaws committee headed by the organization’s chairman, meticulously worked days and nights to produce this vital document. Every three months, the bylaws committee submitted completed editions to a full membership meeting for approval and suggestions for changes. There was so much commitment to this task from members of the committee and members of TCO in general, that nothing was taken for granted, and as a result, the full document was completed in one year. This vital instrument of our organization – Bylaws, has guided and stabilized TCO as was intended, and will continue to do so for many years to come. Conversely, I am compelled to mention that, the amazing health of this organization for many years that continue unabated today can also be attributed to the discipline, devotion, determination, and patriotism of its leaders, its members, and the Tanzanian community in general. We are ever so indebted to our nation for the values it instilled in us.

Mission Statement
The Tanzania Community Organization’s mission is to build a vibrant Tanzanian community in Northern California by fostering caring relationships among its members and help them achieve individual and collective goals. Such goals include, among others, social adjustment in the United States, educational pursuit, and employment possibilities. Also, as part of the Tanzanian society away from home, we want to contribute to the economic and social development of Tanzania in a myriad of ways. In addition, the organization seeks to build strong relationships with other Tanzanian, African organizations and communities in the United States. By promoting unity and cooperation among Tanzanians in the United States, TCO advances Tanzania’s national unity, which is the foundation of love, peace, and tranquility that makes our nation shine near and far.



Tamko La Lengo La Umoja
Lengo pana la umoja wetu (Tanzanian Community Organization) ni kuendeleza
nakudumisha umoja wa kitaifa ambao ndio msingi wa upendo, amani na utulivu katika taifa letu, ambapo madhumuni ya Umoja kijumuiya ni kujenga jumuiya hai ya Watanzania kwa kuhamasisha wanajumuiya kujenga uhusiano wa kindugu miongoni mwao, na kuwasaidia kufikia malengo ya kinafsia na yale ya kijumuiya. Miongoni mwa malengo hayo ni kama vile kuelewa muundo wa kijamii wa taifa la Marekani, kufahamu na kufanya mabadiliko muhimu ya kitamaduni (mila na desturi) nchini Marekani, kujipatia elimu, na jinsi ya kujiandaa kwa ajira. Sisi kama sehemu ya jamii ya Tanzania iliyoko mbali na nyumbani, pia tunataka kuchangia maendeleo ya kijamii, kielimu, na kiuchumi ya Tanzania kwa njia mbalimbali. Umoja wetu pia unapenda kujenga uhusiano mzuri na jamii nyingine za Kiafrika, vyama mbalimbali vya kijamii mahali tunapoishi, na jamii nzima kwa jumla kwa vile sisi pia ni sehemu ya jamii hiyo. Kwa kuhimiza umoja na ushirikiano miongoni mwa Watanzania hapa Marekani, Umoja wetu unaendeleza umoja wa kitaifa ambao hulifanya taifa letu kung’aa karibu na mbali.

Benefits Outside Bylaws
Although the bylaws state the benefits that the organization provides, some of them are not obviously stated because they either do not rhyme with the format of the bylaws, or they are their byproducts. So we think it is important to mention them as follows:

  •  First, the organization provides Tanzanians here with a sense of oneness, which mirrors the national unity at our homeland. This means despite the fact that there are more than one hundred tribes in Tanzania, speaking more than one hundred languages, we look at each other, identify and treat each other as Tanzanians. It is a vital element that serves our community extraordinarily well, just like it serves our country very well. Unity for our organization is an inviolable guiding tenet upon which everything we do is predicated. It does not only galvanize us, but also provides us with a sense of security and confidence.

  •  Second, while at first glance it may not look like a separate entity from the first benefit of the organization, a closer look reveals that it is. TCO has been, and continues to be instrumental in guiding Tanzanians who are new to this country specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mostly young people that come to reside in the Bay Area and its vicinity, have been helped in a myriad of ways including finding places to live, finding employment, getting advice on educational, social and legal issues. In sum, this provides them with a rather amicable environment conducive to association, paving the way for stronger friendships, collaboration, and the like.

  •  Third, the organization provides an open field for organizing and holding various individual social events. It has become a nucleus for such activities. The activities include but are not limited to wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, graduation ceremonies, holidays’ get together and religious events.

  •  Forth, it is increasingly becoming evident that TCO is starting to play an admirable roll in supporting small businesses individually owned by some of its members. It plays a roll in the sense that its members now are actively participating in activities that promote those businesses, are direct consumers or pay for services provided by members of the Tanzanian community.

  •  Fifth, members of our organization take personal, any tragedies like death when it unfortunately happens to one of our members, our members’ relatives, or to any Tanzanian – member or not. Members participate in every aspect associated with such situations, helping and comforting those affected. The organization also gives financial support to those affected by the tragedy according to the provisions of the organization’s bylaws.

  •  Sixth, members are committed to the education of their children. Volunteer members, working with parents, teach children the language of Kiswahili – Tanzania’s national language. They also teach them Tanzanian culture, and in details explain traditions and customs that the culture encompasses. Furthermore, whenever members meet, they make sure that their children are present and learning by observation and participation.

How Does One Become a Member?
Becoming a member is as easy as A, B, C.

Prospective member has to be a Tanzanian (born in Tanzania), an offspring of a Tanzanian, or a spouse of a Tanzanian. (Then she/he will have to do the following:)

  •  contact any member of the organization’s Executive Committee, or visit our website to obtain a copy of the by-laws. (click here for By-Laws in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format)

  •  locate the membership application form available on TCO’s website in the ‘Contact Us’ section. An individual can also contact any member of the organization that she or he knows, to get information on how to contact members of the Executive Committee. Then the prospective member should read the bylaws and if she or he is in agreement with them, must print, sign and date an attached agreement form.

  •  send the signed agreement form, along with a $25.00 one-time sign up fee and at least one-month regular fee of $15.00 to the organization’s Treasurer. Upon receipt of the individual’s form and fees by the Treasurer, he/she becomes a member of TCO effective the first day of the following month.



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